jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

The workers of the brigade in charge have no shoes

To: Dirección Municipal de Acueducto y Alcantarillado (Drainage and Sewage Municipal Service)

My name Miladis de la Torriente Riera, I live at calle 8 No.17, Pueblo Viejo, Jesús Méndez, Las Tunas.

I address you because at the end of calle 10, La Cañada, where I walk through every day on my way to work, sewage water has been running there for more than 10n days. Neighbors told me they had submitted a complaint and nothing was solved, because they were told the workers of the brigade in charge had no shoes for work and there was too much work in the municipality.

There are neighbors who suffer from allergic diseases, mainly children and elderly persons. They have had to open a “corridor” to enter and exit their houses. I urge you to solve these problems which, besides being completely unpleasant, also go against the local neighbors’ health.

By Yuset Rodríguez Arias and Hilda Arias Arias, Defensores del Pueblo (People’s Defenders)

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