jueves, 7 de septiembre de 2017

Upon arrival, we were stripped and meticulously frisked

On August 23 we visited the CID delegation in Chaparra and met with its delegate and activists there. Leaving Chaparra we went to Puerto Padre, to meet with Ercilia, the organization’s delegate in that city. With her, we held a lengthy talk about the delegation’s work, about the work lists of the Defensoría (Defense) and other topics.

On the way back, we planned to go through Delicias to meet with that delegation’s activists, but since it was late, we decided to leave the visit for some other time, because transport to Gibara turns difficult after four in the afternoon.

On the highway leading from Holguín to Gibara we were headed off by a white Lada of the state insecurity, with agents Sandy Tejeda and Juan Carlos Espinosa  inside. They forced the car to stop in a rude and high-handed way, and forced us off with verbal aggression. We were taken to the detention unit known as Pedernales  (criminal facility) outside Holguín.

Upon arrival, both of us were stripped and meticulously frisked, and all our possessions were taken from us. We were taken to dark cells in inhuman conditions. I was put in cell #7, and Idalmis Verdecia in #23, with no access to drinking water. We were kept there for 48 hours and they didn't even allow us to make a phone call.

On our way out, we were threatened with harsher measures if we continued visiting CID members, and were warned they could prosecute us and ewe could even go to jail. When I got my possessions back, I realize the cash in CUC is missing, and I complain and they say that money will not be returned because it is subversive money. This is another way to continue to blatantly rob. The shamelessness and immorality of repression agents is such that they do not care about anything.

As they were abusing and disrespecting us, they did not take into account that we are women. But one thing is absolutely clear: we will continue to be loyal to our cause, with greater strength. Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID) will always have my unconditional support and that of my people. We will not falter in our work to honor Miguel and so many others who have offered their lives for justice and the Cuban people’s freedom. We are not afraid, we know the risks we run, but we will continue to pursue the dream to see our homeland enjoying true freedom.

Down with the Castro dictatorship! The struggle continues! Long live Free Cuba!

By Idalmis Verdecia Ramírez and María Teresa García Rojas, CID delegate in Gibara and defensores del pueblo (people’s defenders).

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