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Not for the people, but for tourists

Ciego de Ávila, August 25, 2017

To: Dirección de Transporte Provincial (Provincial Transport Authority) in Ciego de Ávila, address Reparto Barbero.

From: Ricardo Leyva De la Ó, address calle 10 número 26, Morón.

Subject: There is no diesel fuel to transport the people of Morón because tourism is the priority.

I, Ricardo Leyva De la Ó, address you because of the most critical situation we have with transportation in our municipality. It is amazing to see the buses of the cayería Jardines del Rey hotels arriving at the inter-municipal bus terminal, and the controllers authorize them to return empty, while we, Morón passengers, wait to be picked up by any driver that has pity on us. All of us are workers and we need to travel.

Drivers say that the Transmetro management forbids them to transport street passengers, forcing them to cover their route to the hotels with empty buses. We, moronenses, demand that your company put buses to cover the Ciego de Avila-Morón section, because up to now you have only prioritized workers linked to hotels.

Be aware, think of physicians, engineers, teachers and other people who work in the avileño municipality and who often are late for work because we lack transportation. At another time, we wrote a letter to the Morón municipal transport authority, and received the answer that the province had no diesel fuel to keep so many buses working.

Reality is obvious: there is no gasoline to transport the people of Morón because tourism is prioritized. As a Cuban citizen I was taught that we all enjoyed the same rights and duties, based on the Constitution:  CHAPTER VI. EQUALITY. Article 41. All citizens enjoy the same rights and are subjected to equal duties.

I hope you solve this situation, because it is in your hands and it is your responsibility to right the wrong you are causing the people.

By Ciego de Ávila Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Defense) Coordinator Yasmani Díaz Romay and Defensores del Pueblo (People’s Defenders) Yoel Arceo Fajardo and Yuniel Wuenschenck Correa.

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