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Side by side with the people in Artemisa

 Mileisis hands La Nueva República to a reader in Artemisa

Artemisa, August 22, 2017

The Cuba Independiente y Democrática (CID) “Camilo Cienfuegos” delegation in the city of Artemisa distributes from 250 to 260 bulletins of each La Nueva República edition, printing up to 2000 bulletins per month, plus those delivered in digital format, which total between 67 and 95 additional readers, figurers that cover the demand of an increasing number of readers interested in receiving news that are free of the Havana regime’s censorship, said Mileisis Vigoa, this organization’s Delegate in Artemisa. Since each bulletin is read by more than one person, coverage is even larger.

According to Mileisis, the Delegation’s leadership has had to implement new initiatives after the increase in the number of readers. For this, they have received solidary aid from persons who have donated paper to print the bulletin as well as institutions that request anonymity for obvious reasons, but whose support in the free printing of those bulletins must not be ignored.

Police outside Mileisis Vigoa’s house, 
as she was visited by security officer Javier)

Police stayed all the time outside opposition leader Mileisis Vigoa’s house, while she was threatened by State security officer Javier

It is not surprising that, after the population’s interest to access alternative information, State security shows concern and harass representatives of that opposition delegation. An example of this is the recent visit a State security officer who has himself called Javier made to Mileisis Vigoa’s house at calle 7 # 4805 / 48 y 50 del Consejo Popular Toledo, to threaten her with prosecution if she persists in these activities. The officer, who is a first lieutenant, warned the young leader that before the elections they were not going to tolerate any subversive activity, and were going to be very radical against any such expression.

By Oylin Hernández y Rodolfo Vigoa, Defensores del Pueblo (People’s Defenders) and CID Activists in Artemisa.

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