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This carelessness has become a chronic ill

This letter was received by ANAP, but at the Communist Party, although they kept a copy, they did not want to sign an acknowledgement of receipt

August 17, 2017

To: Municipal ANAP Cede in San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río

Cc: Municipal PCC Cede in San Juan y Martínez

From: Yordan Pupo Carralero, Address: Cooperativa Rigoberto Fuentes, Campo Hermoso, San Juan y Martínez, Pinar del Río.

Subject: Expose the peasants’ problem about delayed payment of the tobacco harvest recently sold to the Cuba State.

I hereby express my wish that you reflect, since on countless occasions reference has been made to the peasant’s need for their harvests to be paid as quickly as possible as a fundamental source of development for the country’s agriculture.

In my opinion, and that of a coinciding vast majority, we know the damage caused by watching a problem for such a long time and not find an adequate solution, an obvious reason or a phenomenon which has caused mistrust and uncertainty in the majority of the people toward State institutions. Officials who have to answer, in many cases do not do so, which means they neither perform nor answer those who are affected by the neglect. This carelessness has turned into a chronic ill society has no right  to defend itself from, not only preventing but also counterattacking it with the utmost rigor.

Each year, the issue about nonpayment or delayed payment of the tobacco harvest and other farm products, by the State (the only buyer), to peasants is  thoroughly discussed by all peasants and leaders. But every year peasants are faced with the same problem, and no one in the state’s side takes the trouble to defend peasants, who are the worst off. This year, just to mention an example, there are peasants who sold their harvest over a month ago and have not been paid. It is an obvious lack of respect for anyone who, with much sacrifice, has left their life on the field, in most unfavorable conditions in all senses, but the Cuban State, which proclaims itself as the defender of the humble continues to make the same mistake, making peasants more unhappy each day.

I will have you know that we will not tire of reporting and defending the rights of the peasants, people who deserve all the respect and admiration for working under the conditions they endure, forced by the duty to support their families.

I hope you become aware and seek alternatives for the payment to be made to the peasants as quickly as possible.

Respectfully, Yordan Pupo Carralero, Vice President of the Comité de Campesinos Libres (Free Peasants’ Committee) and Defensor del Pueblo (People’s Defender).

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