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Another CID leader is arrested to prevent his election by the people

Police vehicle outside Pupo’s house

On September 29 of this year, in the afternoon, Rolando Pupo Carralero, CID Coordinator for the Western Region and National Executive member, was arrested. The detention was perpetrated to prevent him from taking part in the assembly to nominate candidates for the Poder Popular (Popular Power) delegates election scheduled for that date at 8:00 PM at the social installations of the “Rigoberto Fuentes” cooperative. Because of his popularity, Pupo’s election was certain.

Rolando Pupo Carralero

The operation was led by state insecurity chief in the San Juan y Martínez Municipality Orestes Ayala, who arrived at Pupo’s house, with two policemen, and told him that he had to accompany them since there was a report, and they had to carry out a confrontation with the accuser.

Upon arrival at the police unit, Pupo was locked in an office, with the excuse of the confrontation with the accuser. After more than two hours, Ayala appeared with an elderly man, they placed him facing Pupo and said, “this is the one who sold you the beans quintal,” and the gentleman answered with a resounding “no,” and they took the man away. Later on, Orestes Ayala appeared again and began a lengthy interrogation about CID activities.

Rolando Pupo was released after 10 PM in the evening, no charges pressed, and under threats of taking him to prison if he continued to encourage “counterrevolutionaries” to run as candidates in those elections. This is how henchmen who are accessories to the dictatorship’s violations and crimes continue to prevent peaceful opposition leaders and representatives of the people to exercise their rights as Cuban citizens.

By Yusniel Pupo Carralero, Comité de Campesinos Libres (Free Peasants’ Committee) President and Defensor del Pueblo (People’s Defender).

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