miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

Castrismo is doomed to complete bankruptcy

The indefinite suspension of Cuban medical services by Kenya and Mozambique means a loss of income and also of prestige to the Castro dictatorship. Also, since Donald Trump’s government has withdrawn most of the American embassy personnel in Havana and has recommended United States citizens not to travel to Cuba, hopefully that way also they will stop receiving several million dollars, because a percentage of United States citizens will not travel to Cuba. With the added to the loss of tourism because of the damage caused by hurricane Irma to the tourism infrastructure, the dictatorship’s situation worsens and no one in the world is going to fund it.

But the worst is yet to come, in the not too distant future, when Chavismo loses power in Venezuela, the democratic government that takes over in that country demands the withdrawal of all Cuban physicians, and the Castro regime finds itself without the subsidy that has kept it afloat for so long.

According to the famous Cuban-American economist Carmelo Mesa Lago, Cuba’s sale of professional services to Venezuela, which in 2013 was worth 11 billion dollars a year, fell in 2015 to 7 billion. A democratic change in Venezuela would mean the loss of that 7 billion and certainly of other secret income from Venezuela. In short, Castrismo is doomed to bankruptcy -complete moral, political and financial bankruptcy.

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