lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

Thanks to my neighbors support, I eat.

Armando Díaz Betancourt

To: Municipal Popular Power Management  in Arroyo Naranjo

I, Armando Díaz Betancourt, a neighbor at calle Primera 218 between Andrade and Serafín, Reparto Mendoza, Arroyo Naranjo, with identity card 31122556319.  I am 87 years old and suffer from a kidney disease, terminal chronic kidney failure. For the past 3 years my blood has being treated with hemodialysis every other day at Julio Trigo Hospital.  My life is not worth a penny, I have been a widower since 2000.  My wife suffered from the same disease and all she went through is now happening to me.

Defensoría complaint to Municipal Popular 
Power Management

I worked as a welder at Antillana del Acero for more than 50 years earning a monthly salary of 255 pesos which was never enough for anything. When I retired, I got 300 pesos ($12 dollars).  Despite the low salary they pay me, they deduct 87 pesos for the refrigerator and 64 pesos for the television set. I now earn much less than before. I do not know what to do with the many difficulties I have in my life. Thanks to my neighbors support, I eat. My house is very bad shape, it deteriorates each day and I cannot do anything about it.

I only ask of you for a little human kindness  and that you find a nursing homes for me, so I can spend whatever days I have left with other grandfathers like myself.

With nothing further, I await a reply as soon as possible.

By Defensoría del Pueblo (People’s Defense), Mercedes Margarita Sánchez and Víctor Penalba Subit.

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