miércoles, 20 de septiembre de 2017

LNR: Cuba must not support North Korea

While the majority of countries worldwide and the UN Security Council, including China and Russia, denounce the challenging conduct of North Korea’s regime because of the launching of long-range rockets and its nuclear tests, the Castro dictatorship insists in its support of a regime whose aggressive conduct puts the world at risk of a war which could have unpredictable consequences. Even the Mexican government has just expelled the North Korean ambassador in Mexico as a reply to North Korea’s militarist and threatening policy.

The consequences of Castrismo’s reiterated support of a criminal regime repudiated by the world, as usual, are paid by the Cuban people.

The complicity between the Castro and the North Korean dictatorships reached a world scandal level when Panama intercepted in July 2013 the North Korean ship Chong Chon Gang with sumuggled weapons the Cuban government surreptitiously tried to send them through the Panama Canal, as a sugar load destined for North Korea. Besides having violated the Panamanian sovereignty, this shipment was a violation, by Havana, of the arms embargo against the Asian country.

According to a UN experts report: “Both the shipment itself and the transaction between Cuba and the People’s Republic of Korea were in violation of the sanctions” (imposed until then by the UN against North Korea). About the poor Castrista excuse that the weapons were obsolete, the UN’s report concluded that: “most of the weapons were in good shape and documents found along with them showed the equipment function according to specifications and had been calibrated shortly before packaging.”

The weapons, which were concealed under a sugar load, included six vehicle linked to land-air missile systems and 25 containers loaded with spare parts for two Mig-21 fighters. Also, 15 engines for that type of aircraft, components for missile systems, ammunition and other military equipment were found. According to the UN’s report it is the largest number of banned weapons banned by international sanctions destined for North Korea or coming from that country since the embargo was imposed. Besides, experts point out that there is proof of participation by the North Korean embassy in Havana in the process of the shipment, and they say that Cuba has refused to reveal the identity of the institutions involved in the operation.

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