lunes, 25 de septiembre de 2017

LNR: These diabolical actions do not surprise us

Experts who continue to study hearing and cerebral damage caused to foreign diplomats and their relatives in Cuba believe it could have been a consequence of the use of inaudible sound waves or another type of technology.

Some diplomats never heard anything that annoyed them. Others, heard strange high pitched sounds at night, focused on different zones of their houses and others, in specific areas in their beds. 

What is a fact is that Castro’s  government  responsibility is unavoidable. We, Cubans, are not surprised by diabolical actions from minds that run repression in our homeland. What does surprise us in this case is their stupidity and vileness. The dictatorship that set up those devices in the diplomats’ houses has nothing to gain and a lot to loose.

Whether it did it with help from Russia, China or North Korea or on its own initiative is beside the point. Its aim could have been to spy and the technology ended up being a flop, or the intention was to harm those people’s health in order to derail the rapprochement between Cuba and the United States. They could have done it also,  as a sick biological experiment. Whatever the intention was, the scandal will be very costly. This seems more like an operation characteristic of the experiments carried out during Hitler’s dictatorship than that of a government that has put its hope of salvation on foreign tourism.

The United States has the right to demand an explanation and even compensation for those barbaric acts. We, Cubans, have to open our eyes, because this regime is led by brainless and evil people who could lead us to the slaughterhouse and care nothing. They must be stopped. We have no alternative. For us, it is a problem of survival.

La Nueva República (The New Republic) is CID’s Weekly in Cuba

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