miércoles, 1 de noviembre de 2017

To Cuba Independiente y Democratica’s delegates and its activists

This is the first time we address you since we were elected as president and vice president of CID. We want to thank you for your decision and the good work you did on October 21 during the elections. That day, the organized response by all delegations throughout the island was proved. This is the result of the work we have been carrying out together. CID is a great family where all of us are important and all of us play a key role within the organization. This is the premise that must always prevail. On behalf of the new directorate I want to guarantee all activists our commitment and trust in you. We shall always be aware of achievements in order to acknowledge them and of the challenges you find in order to support you.

We are living a critical moment. The country is mired in the worst economic and moral crisis in its history. The people neither believe nor trust those who betrayed the revolution and became an exploiting and corrupt dominant class. There is a need of hope in the people, and for this reason we cannot fail to carry out the projects that have led CID to win the support and credibility of thousands of Cubans. We must reinforce the work done in each corner in the island with a disciplined and permanent effort.

We have the human capital needed to turn CID into an alternative for the Cuban people. We know the work you carry out every day and the problems you face, and you must feel proud because we have an unwavering commitment with our motherland and with the Cuban people, with Commander Huber Matos Benítez, the initiator of our struggle, with all the heroic Cubans who have sacrificed themselves before us, and with our party.

The struggle continues! Long live Free Cuba!

Rolando Pupo Carralero and Yanelis Jiménez Téllez

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