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It is a dirt floor and this situation harms my daughter extremely because of her health condition

 Faustino Laza Ajete’s family

January 17, 2017

To: Oficina de Atención a la Población del Poder provincial en Pinar del Ríos (People’s Attention Bureau of the provincial Popular Power in Pinar del Río.

From: Faustino Laza Ajete, address Carretera a Dima, La Oliva, Municipio Mantua, Pinar del Río

Subject: demand the approval of a subsidy to repair my house

I hereby address you to put to you my situation in search of aid from the government. I live with my wife Mairelis Martínez Blanco and my two-year old daughter, who suffers from several illnesses such as acute bronchial asthma and a heart murmur.

We are a humble, low-income campesino family, what we earn with our work barely allows us to eat, this is no secret to anybody and it is one of the biggest problem Cuban families face.

As it is logical, with our effort we will never have a comfortable house to live in. But this is not what worries me most, since we are used to facing difficulties since we were born. The problem is that the bohío we live in has a dirt floor and this situation hurts my daughter a lot because of her health condition.

Since my daughter was born our situation has worsened, since many are the times we have to go to the medical center to immediately treat the air shortage the intense asthma attacks cause the minor.

You know that for an asthmatic  a dirt floor is mortal and the child has to be carried all the time or stay inside a wooden playpen and even like that the damp floor and the dust keep hurting her.

We have resorted to all places and all competent people in this municipality to obtain a subsidy to obtain some cement bags to at least put a floor in our bohío and everything has been in vain. The answer they give us is that there are many cases and the municipality has not enough resources for all and that we have to keep waiting.

Because of this I am hereby addressing you to see if in this way our case is solved.

Respectfully yours, and waiting for an answer: Faustino Laza Ajete.

Defenders of the People: Irán Laza Montes and Yuri Laza Montes, CID officers in the Sandino municipality

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