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Celestino Ramírez

Gibara, January 20, 2017

From: Iluminada Ramírez Tejeda, at Avenida Pedro Ramírez Rojas #15, Reparto Desarrollo, Gibara

Mr/Ms, I have already addressed different institutions of the Gibara District with the aim to have my brother Celestino Ramírez’s case solved as soon as possible, since it is a critical case and he is now 72 years old. To date, I have not received a reply, and the District has ignored this problem.

My brother is unable to perform any kind of work since he is bedridden and can move in a wheelchair I was able to obtained for him. He was a State worker for over 20 years in the community services organization and because his salary was very low he had to make coal in order to feed his family. But in the year 2013 he fell ill, and has since been disabled.

I have repeatedly spoken with the area’s social worker, Yesenia Tamayo Velázquez, to see whether she could at least buy the medicine he has to take daily, because his illness requires so. The son who lives with him cannot help him because he is mentally retarded and receives no help as well.

At the start of his illness, they provided him with a 142-peso ($5.68 US dollars), but they took it away a long time ago and now he does not receive even 20,00 pesos. The only thing they give him is a monthly bar of soap and two meters of antiseptic cloth once a year.

I would like for you to analyze this case and that it is solved in the most appropriate way possible, because he is undoubtedly a human being in need of urgent help and charity.

Yours, Iluminada Ramírez Tejeda

By María Teresa García Rojas CID Gibara Delegate and Idalmis Verdecia Ramírez and Miguel Batista Meriño, Defenders of the People

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